Transfer photos & videos from your Computer to iPhone/iPad/iTouch

Open "WiFi Album" app in your iphone(ipod), make sure the Service button is "On".

If you found a text like '' displayed in your device, this means your app is running ok.

Open a web browser(eg Safari, Firefox, Chrome or others you like) in your computer, type the address into address bar and press return button, if everything is ok, you can see the similar interface.

Click the image to enter a album that you want to transfer photos

In the photo list page, Click the "Start Upload Photos" button to enter the uploading interface.

In the uploader page, click the "Select Photos" (I cann't find this button) button to select photos you wanted in your computer, then click ok to start uploading.

The uploading info should displayed in the uploader page, when all files are uploaded, click "Back" to photo list page.

You can see the uploaded files displayed in photo list page now.